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Choosing the GALAXIA space centre means getting the chance to rub shoulders with some huge international names when it comes to space: the European Space Agency, the European GNSS, Vitrociset-Leonardo, Redu Space Services and many more.

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European Space Agency (ESA-ESEC)

As part of its new policy, the European Space Agency is giving private companies the opportunity to benefit from new services to which it previously had exclusive access. This includes access to technical facilities, offering the opportunity to send and receive data by satellite via a secure optical link.



SES was the world’s first telecommunication satellite operator. This company, dedicated to space, specialises in marketing technologies, know-how, technical support and training on satellite communication all around the world.

Within the GALAXIA business centre, SES offers its expertise to the companies based there.


The European GNSS Agency

The GSA, the European GNSS Agency (Global Navigation Satellite System), is committed to connecting space with the actual needs of users. Indeed, space is the new technological revolution, and it’s changing the way we live, work and play. In addition, the GSA’s main role is to make sure that European citizens make the most of European satellite navigation programmes like GALILEO. Specialist teams from the GSA work at the GALILEO centre at GALAXIA.



Vitrociset Belgium is a company dedicated to space and the Belgian subsidiary of the Italian group Vitrociset-Leonardo (800 employees), which focuses on air traffic control, defence and activities relating to space. The experience built up over the course of 25 years at the Redu site of the European Space Agency (ESA) has established its solid reputation. Actively involved in the GALILEO programme, in particular, Vitrociset Belgium is responsible for designing, producing and maintaining equipment specifically used by ground control stations all around the world.

By incorporating its German and Dutch subsidiaries with GALAXIA, Vitrociset Belgium has become the European centre of gravity for the Group’s space activities.

In 2009, its teams moved to the GALAXIA business centre, and they have been providing help and support to the young companies based there ever since.


Incubation partners

GALAXIA Space Innovation is an incubator offering a support programme aimed at start-ups using space technologies to help them develop and create their business. GALAXIA Space Innovation is the result of a consortium between IDELUX Développement, SkyWin Wallonie, the Liège Space Center and WSL.

GALAXIA also means:

The only business park in belgium dedicated to applications and innovation connected to space

A unique, diverse site dedicated to space