The Redu-Transinne cluster: cutting-edge businesses and excellent quality of life

Having a degree under your belt is one thing. Finding a job that values you whilst also offering lovely living conditions far away from the stress of big cities and endless traffic jams is a dream that can easily become a reality.

The Redu-Transinne cluster, based in the municipality of Libin, has the unusual feature of providing a home in a delightful natural environment for cutting-edge companies specialising in space, as well as being close to attractive urban, cultural and tourist hubs.

A stimulating working environmentAn ideal locationA truly authentic regionFantastic living conditions

A stimulating working environment

170 people have already opted for this personal and professional lifestyle and now work at the Redu-Transinne cluster. You can rub shoulders with leading international experts, either at the European Space Agency, or in one of the prestigious companies.

Investir en province de Luxembourg avec IDELUX, service d'accompagnement et de support multiple

The Redu-Transinne space cluster has two sites:


In Redu

the ESA centre (European Space Agency)/ESEC (European Space Security and Education Centre), in Belgian Luxembourg since 1968
Pôle Redu-Transinne, centre spatial belge

In Transinne

the Galaxia business park (20 hectares) developed by IDELUX in the 2000s
Galaxia Business Park, centre spatial belge avec support, incubateur, etc.

Galaxia, a unique concept, encompassing:

  • a business park covering 20 hectares made up of fully equipped plots;
  • a business centre (2,000m²) connected to the ESA/ESEC in Redu via optical fibre;
  • business incubation services for start-ups accredited by the ESA (ESA Space Solutions Belgium);
  • a knowledge centre;
  • the Euro Space Center which welcomed 53,000 visitors from 38 nationalities and hosted 35,000 days of training in 2018;
  • the Galileo Integrated Logistics Support Centre (2,300m²). Its goal: to guarantee full operations for all the ground stations for the Galileo system (remote and European sites). This ambitious project, developed by the European Commission, strengthens the role of the Redu-Transinne space cluster on the international stage.
  • ESEC-Galaxia, the ESA Education Training Centre which employs a dozen people at the Transinne site.
    The ESA Education Training Centre offers a range of activities:

    • the e-Technology Lab which trains primary and secondary school teachers in robotics and related science subjects (20 sessions a year, each one lasting 2 or 3 days and for 30 teachers);
    • the Training and Learning Facility which offers training opportunities to students at European universities reading engineering and science, passing on the ESA’s expertise, know-how and best practices (20 sessions a year, each one lasting 4 or 5 days and for 30 university students. The training for these students is provided by an average of 4 experts per session);
    • the CubeSat Support Facility is an assembly, integration and testing facility for educational CubeSats.


Galaxia, a fantastic site for creating businesses

Another goal of the Galaxia business park is to welcome start-ups. As well as offering a stimulating environment in which to work, the park boasts ultramodern secure facilities as well as a canteen. It also has plenty of parking as well as a charging terminal for electric vehicles.

Leaving town to set up your business in a more rural area can be frightening. Until you realise you can rely on the experience of Luxembourg province’s agency for economic and sustainable development (IDELUX), an organisation that supports brave entrepreneurs by offering made-to-measure services. For more than 50 years, IDELUX has been the leading light on Luxembourg province’s economic landscape, offering its experience of the field of space (among others) to budding companies specialising in this field.

An ideal location

The Redu-Transinne cluster is constantly evolving, exclusively dedicated to the field of space, enjoying the perfect location, alongside the main road that cuts through Belgium, the E411. In Libin, there’s no such thing as a stressful rush hour. Easy to get to, less than 40 minutes from Namur and Arlon, it’s a fantastic place to work. With little traffic and a short commute, whether you live in town or have chosen to get away from all that pollution and sky-high rents. Away from the traffic, away from the hold-ups… what a luxury. It also means it’s quick and easy to get to a concert at WEX in Marche-en-Famenne or a show in Namur thanks to the light traffic.

Commune de Libin avec le Pôle Redu-Transinne
La ville de Redu-Transinne

A truly authentic region

Right in the middle of Luxembourg province, Redu-Transinne is the perfect starting point in a region that’s packed with tourist and cultural attractions (including Mudia Museum, which opened recently in Redu), trail or mountain biking routes, sports centres, renowned drama and music festivals that attract big names from around the world (Chassepierre, Gaume Jazz, the comedy festival, Festival du rire de Rochefort, etc.), memorial sites (Bastogne, the backdrop for the Battle of the Bulge), natural landscapes to explore (the Tombeau du géant, the Bois des légendes ardennaises), plus lots of local food and drink to enjoy. There’s always something going on here.

Typical Ardennes villages like Redu (known around the globe as the “Book Village”) offer some wonderful walks and lovely food and drink to try.

Plenty of authenticity to go round.

Fantastic living conditions

In Redu-Transinne, property prices are lower and air quality is better than in Brussels or Liège. For young couples thinking about starting a family, buying a house is a realistic prospect. Living in peaceful surroundings, getting away from the growing insecurity of large towns and cities, whilst enjoying all the convenience of the modern world is an more enviable prospect.