Our services

An all-in-one business window

The economic development agency IDELUX is the central point of contact for any investor or company who wants to set up a business in the province of Luxembourg.

We will guide you every step of the way: in the search for a location for your business (land and building), giving advice as to innovation, managing your environmental and building permits, and financing your business as well as your growth. We are your single point of contact.

Our commitment : establish a long-term trust relationship with you and help you realise your business establishment by guiding you every step of the way.

Our range of services, help and support can adapt to each individual situation:

  • listening to what you need and offering appropriate solutions;
  • putting together applications to set up a business;
  • securing the necessary permits (planning permission, operating permit, VAT etc.);
  • helping the business with its administrative procedures and environmental processes (environmental/single permit);
  • identifying potential grants and funding (investment aid, recruitment aid etc.);
  • putting together financial records;
  • with its partners, offering expertise when it comes to innovation.
Secteur spatial d'Idelux, Invest in Luxembourg

Strategic business areas

IDELUX favours, but not exclusively, economic projects relating to logistics, space, wood, agri-food, life sciences and tourism.

The task of helping companies is entrusted to its team of experts specialising in each of its core areas.

Fantastic facilities and a great address book

IDELUX offers entrepreneurs:

  • land, buildings, offices to rent or buy for businesses that generate added value, offering innovation and jobs. Browse all of our properties for sale and to let;
  • help finding the right real estate solutions, beyond all of the abovementioned facilities;
  • synergies with other areas and economic stakeholders in a number of areas of business (Wallonia, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, France, Brazil, Texas (USA) etc.).

Flexible finance solutions

Investir en province de Luxembourg avec IDELUX, service d'accompagnement et de support multiple