Ardenne logistics: logistics opportunities right at the heart of europe

Are you involved in logistics and keen to cover your markets efficiently whilst keeping your costs down? Are you looking to speed up your deliveries to your clients? Would you like to streamline your supply chains?

Then bring your business to the Ardenne Logistics park, which is 100% dedicated to logistics and offers fantastic potential.

This bimodal business park is spread over 85 hectares and enjoys the ideal location in the south of Belgium, right at the heart of a catchment area of 58 million consumers, and at the crossroads of some major road networks (E25 and E411).

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For any business that generates added value or offers logistics services, we can give you a bimodal rail/road business park that’s incredibly secure, with large, fully equipped plots (roads, lighting, drainage etc.) ranging from 20,000m² up to 80,000m².

Come and join the other businesses that have put their faith in us: “DEFRANCQ invests in Luxembourg Province”!


Moving to or setting up your business at ardenne logistics means

1. Reaping the rewards of its fantastic, strategic access:

  • Near western europe’s main markets,
  • Near the terminal container athus, belgium’s number one “dry port”, with direct links to antwerp, rotterdam and zeebrugge,
  • With 4 international airports nearby: brussels national, brussels south, liège-bierset, luxembourg-findel,
  • With direct motorway access (e411-e25).

2. Enjoying a high tech business park with all the facilities you need:

  • 300,000m² of land available for businesses to build on,
  • Bimodal rail/road transport opportunities,
  • Environmental integration,
  • An effective security system,
  • Site management based on joint-ownership,
  • A logistics training centre.

3. Benefiting from a solution that suits your needs:

4. Finding an environment conducive to doing business:

  • Well-qualified, readily available workforce,
  • One of the highest levels of productivity in europe,
  • A peaceful social climate,
  • Immediate proximity with companies specialising in logistics within the park.