Moving to Belgium

When you have made up your mind to move to Belgium, you will need to inform your municipal offices. Visit the website for your municipality, for example for Libin. This website will give you lots of information about day-to-day life in your municipality.

You can also visit,, and, which are all packed with the most up-to-date information.


If your partner would like to work in the region, visit:,, or temping agencies like Tempo-team, Trace, Manpower, Adecco, Randstat


The Redu-Transinne cluster is less than an hour away from a dozen hospitals, where you will be looked after in French of course, but also in English.

Medical centres are becoming more and more common in Luxembourg province. They offer nearby services and are highly appreciated by locals.

A service dedicated to looking after sick children at home has also been set up throughout Wallonia, in partnership with mutual insurance companies.


Libin is in Wallonia, where the education system is well developed in terms of primary, secondary, higher and university education. It is also worth pointing out that less than an hour’s drive away, there are 6 schools offering education in English (4 primary schools, 2 secondary schools), and just over an hour away, there are 6 European schools in Brussels and Luxembourg.

Everyday life