When based at the Redu-Transinne cluster, you will have lots of different transport options.

The geographical location of the Redu-Transinne cluster offers direct access to the E411 motorway which connects Brussels-Luxembourg-Strasbourg-Basel-Milan. The E25 motorway offers access to the Cologne-Liège-Luxembourg route. And lastly, the N4 connects Brussels to Luxembourg.

By car, Transinne is:

  • 20 minutes from Libramont
  • 30 minutes from Rochefort
  • 40 minutes from Namur and Marche-en-Famenne
  • 1h30 from Brussels

Libin does not have a station, but is less than 30 minutes away from 4 stations (timetables).

There is a bus station a 10-minute walk away from Galaxia

The Municipality of Libin also has a 9-seater minibus available.

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